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Egri Nagy Erzsébet

magyar nyelvoktató

 N. Erbersberg; Viennese scientist (XIX. century) said about Hungarian language:

’In the structure of the Hungarian language, as if the assembly formed by linguists would have it that there is any regularity, firmness, consistency, and clarity. ’ 

I  already know this unique language because I was born here, I am Hungarian and my qualifications are a teacher.  I can help you if you really want to study. I can not learn instead of you but I can help you. I am very patient, cheerful but I am hard on you. My methods: a lot of practice, questions and answers, questions and answers, and again, and again, just like in an everyday conversation. In addition to the coursebooks, I also use supplementary material like illustrations, photos, objects, part of films, etc.  We also practice what we have learned in real-life situations: we go shopping or to a café, fill up the car, etc. My students and I regularly cook together – Hungarian dishes, naturally  – if you are in Budapest.

Come on!  Let’s study together!